Now I'm 46

Another year has come and gone – this one seemed to go by very quickly for me. I had a lot going on, many changes began here and continued. I left Alcoholics Anonymous It was a while in the making. I finally saw the inner workings of the service side of AA, what I assumed […]

Tonight It's High Holy Day for the Gays

Tonight it’s high holy day for the Gays – The Oscars! or maybe that’s the Tonys… Well “the gays” get excited about both probably. All the glitz and glamour and snobbery – sounds gay, looks gay, probably all gay. Last year I feigned interest in the Oscars for the fiance – glad that never has to happen […]

Batman Begins… thankfully

I truly enjoyed Batman Begins. I loved Christian Bale as Bruce/Batman, he was great (sometimes I flashed back to his character in American Psycho… he’s scary). The villians were well crafted as well… and a young Jim Gordon was spectacular. I would like to say this is the best superhero movie to date…