For Free & For Fun

The circle and triangle of the program represent Recovery, Unity and Service together as a whole. They tell me it’s an ancient spiritual symbol that existed long before any 12 step program was ever dreamt about and means “wholeness”. I was taught to believe I need all three to recover from alcoholism – that I needed […]

My Sponsor Wont Shake My Hand

When i first started going to meetings the very first direction I was given by my sponsor was “Shake everyone’s hand before and after the meeting” I wanted to stop going right then, I didn’t want anything to do with these people – I just wanted to learn how to drink like normal people. (surprise, […]


I was at a meeting a few months back and a guy shared about how he tended to lose girlfriends when he wouldn’t pay attention to them, didn’t show up, only showed up when he needed something or neglected them. They’d likely not be very happy with him and he’d have to work hard to keep […]

The Difference

I was at a small birthday celebration for a friend Friday night when I overheard one of the attendees talking about being a foster parent. I listened as best I could over the din of the bar. You should have heard this woman talk about some of the kids she had come through her house […]

Coming Out and Coming to Terms with Me

A friends brother came out recently after many years of being closeted and she wanted to talk to me about how that kind of thing can happen… so I wrote this long email to her and decided I should put it here too. Long before I had any notion of what it meant to be […]

For Bill

Meet for coffee? Hurricane Alex From “I have to mow my lawn” To “Could I have a kiss?” You popped the question I said yes From the Midwest To Broadway Flights back and forth Holding hands Kissing and loving So many introductions Planning trips Across the country Down the aisle Wedding Bell Blues Flowers and […]

foster home

brown house now blue gray hair then and now too Ma in rocker knitting Pa in recliner fear crawls up my spine my bags packed, all that is mine social worker pressures shoulder keeps me from running dinner together, conversation and laughter alien world, foreign notions – food a plenty tears delay that first night, […]

Dark and Handsome

As I turn to leave I see the desperation in his eyes begging me to come back to bed for one last kiss. I would love to lay next to him, running my hands over his body, my fingers through his dark hair. He never wants me to leave, it’s always the same: his needs […]