Overruling the President, Publisher and Owner.

Pretending to cry on the witness stand: $42,000 Offering to settle for minuscule amounts “to avoid embarrassing Jim in front of his family”: $19,000 Attempting to make profit on a newsletter after years of failure and studies saying it can’t be done: $100,000 Watching you lose this case in front of your employees: PRICELESS The […]

How to tell if You’re an Asshole

Your employee buys you a book titled The No Asshole RuleYou read said book and see the included surveyYou hand out survey to your staff to fill out “anonymously”You receive the results and then tell the employee that it was an interesting survey and perhaps every year he should be surveyedYou then hand your employee […]

Hypothetical Math

So the two Principals of the firm both billed out (each) $350,000 annuallyThe top architect, under the Principals billed out about $250,000 annuallyThen approximately (by the rest of the staff) about $142,000 annuallyand add in consultants billings are about $101,000 annuallyBringing a grand total of billed amounts to clients at $1,200,000 roughly You have annual […]

Micromanagement – The Finer Details

Micromanagement was evident when I was just the office AA, but both the Office Manager and I were brand new so I assumed it would go away. I was wrong. One particular event that comes to mind was in January of 2007. I was preparing to send out the newsletters to 300 or so people. […]