Promoting Change

Sometimes when I’m trying to make a change in an office I find myself returning to that experiment…  doing the task both ways so they can see how it works and how better it is or, sometimes, see that I was wrong and their way was better. It does help your co-workers and boss to see what you mean sometimes rather than just trying to explain it. 


This blog is going to be about work, not particular stories in my office… unless they are relevant but about what it takes to be a Clerk of the Works, how to do things in an office environment that will have you named an indispensable part of an organization..

Job Hunting

Job hunting can be challenging, entertaining and frustrating all at the same time. I’ve had, what I think, are a few good interviews in the past week. I say that and remember interviewing at Children’s Hospital in DC back in 2000 – when I got to the interview it occurred to me that I had […]

Are There Options?

When I started my first factory job I was 18, I didn’t do too well in school – drinking and drugging kept me out of class and unable to care – and factory jobs seemed the logical choice to feed my addictions. I was fired from a job where I worked at plastic molding injection […]

In All Our Affairs

Everything I know about being a good worker I learned from 12 step programs. One of my first sponsors told me to shake hands with everyone before and after the meeting and introduce myself to them.  When someone comes to the office I stand up from my desk, walk over and extend my hand, introducing […]