Trying to Let Go

Sometimes, more often that I’d like to admit, I can’t sleep. Insomnia is a big deal and it literally keeps me awake at night. I’ve tried a bunch of different things to combat this – stopped drinking caffeinated beverages, stayed up really late to make myself more tired, took a nap when I first got […]

What's Going On In My World

A nightmare woke me up this morning around 1:30 – couldn’t fall back to sleep after an hour or so so I’m up. Someone was using text messages to hack into my brain – their little profile pic showed it was the Bones villain┬áChristopher Pelant, a very smart computer guy who makes other peoples lives […]

Fatigued Funnies

I didn’t sleep much last night. I went to sleep around 11 and thought it would be a full night of rest.. but a little after 2 I was wide awake lying in bed hoping to fall back to slumber. But sleep won’t come when you want it to it seems… So instead I got […]

I Wake

I wake There is no weariness in me No remnants of terror from a nightmare I simply wake convinced I’ve slept well into the morn my eyes open to darkness the distant┬ádigital clock blinks at me that it’s a little after four I rise and go closer, my eyes play tricks without my glasses almost […]