Exercise – Is There a Cure?

I’ve been thinking a lot about exercise recently – no, no don’t worry, I’m not going to start or anything crazy like that…. I was thinking about the characteristics of it that remind me of alcoholism. No really… Like the first time a person gets drunk, they think it’s a good idea – all their […]

Cold – The Ultimate Demotivator

It’s 25 degrees outside. That’s cold. Hell I think 35 is cold and on a bad day 40 is cold. Have I ever mentioned to you how much I hate winter? The goal last night was for me to wake up early and head to the gym for spinning class at 6:30. I even went […]

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

In spite of knowing better and having lived in a home where I was fed real meals with meats, vegetables, milk and bread and butter – when I finally lived on my own my main meal almost every day was an entire sausage and¬†pepperoni¬†pizza. A standard 12 inch Tombstone or Roma’s pizza, cooked in the […]

Wasted Youth

If memory serves I had a physical education class every year in grade school and high school. I was usually the last one picked for teams, which bothered me mostly because we all knew I’d be picked last but it still took a long time to get through all the other loser kids getting picked […]