To Get Off Or Not

I started taking an anti-depressant at the end of the year called Citalopram (Celexa). I wasn’t really sure it was a good idea but I was in a bad place and was looking for a way out. My regular doctor did an annual “how are you doing” survey on me last fall and suggested it… […]

Happy 80th AA

I was thinking today About the 80th birthday of AA How much has changed from the days of old When they’d lock us up or leave us in the cold Back in Akron is where it came from Two men started a journey a movement that changed the world one alcoholic talking to another one […]

For Free & For Fun

The circle and triangle of the program represent Recovery, Unity and Service together as a whole. They tell me it’s an ancient spiritual symbol that existed long before any 12 step program was ever dreamt about and means “wholeness”. I was taught to believe I need all three to recover from alcoholism – that I needed […]

The Gift of Bill

I attended my home group tonight – like most Wednesday nights. Tonight we were on Step 11 and had a great lead and some great follow-up call ups to make for a great meeting. I was fortunate enough to sit by my sponsor during the meeting – we had both attended a retreat committee meeting […]

Finding a Home Group

Walking into new meetings the first thing I notice almost every time: OMG they’re so young! Where are the old people? It’s at that point I realize I consider myself old and that my age prevents me from remembering that I was one of the young people when I came into the rooms. Which makes […]

In All Our Affairs

Everything I know about being a good worker I learned from 12 step programs. One of my first sponsors told me to shake hands with everyone before and after the meeting and introduce myself to them.  When someone comes to the office I stand up from my desk, walk over and extend my hand, introducing […]

Big Book Quoters Don't Stay Sober – Oh Really?

I heard in a meeting this morning “people who quote the big book don’t stay sober” and saw heads nodding along in agreement. Then I heard “you can be too smart to get the program, I hope I stay a dumb”. My first thought was “Fuck off”. Then my next thought was that what he […]

Silence Your Noise Makers

At today’s meeting, like at most meetings, the secretary/chairperson/whomever made the announcement for everyone to please silence their cell phones, she did so to her own phone as she was asking all of us to. This has become common place in meetings that I’ve been attending for quite a while now, however when I first […]