New Digs

Here are some photos from my new digs. It’s a nice 2 bedroom condo I’m sharing with my friend Anne. I didn’t going into Anne’s bedroom or bathroom but they are very nice too – quite spacious. We also have a balcony and a small laundry area. we have a space we think will have […]

Slow Motion Perception

Yesterday while riding my bike I took a fall. I was on mile 8 of the journey and it just happened. What was really cool about it was the slowing down of time and the intense focus on the different aspects of the fall. I first noticed the tire really close to the edge of […]

Weekend Musings

It was a weekend full of AA stuff, and there wasn’t even a round up. Friday I attended the 5:30 meeting at Prince of Peace – they have a meeting there everyday at 5:30 I guess and the format is different on each day maybe… on Tuesday I spoke there and heard the Friday was […]