He Hit Her…

I know about the obsession of the mind that affects alcoholics, I know from first hand experience, it can overwrite common sense – it takes liberty with the past and tells you that this time it’ll be different, it promises you’ll finally get that feeling you’ve been chasing so long that’s been just out of […]

My Tattoos

More than a few men recently have commented on my tattoos (and piercings) and said that having tattoos means your into kinky sex. No really, this is what they keep telling me. This really kind of throws me, I’ve had tattoos much longer than I’ve been having sex. Also I’ve had sex with people who […]


I received news this evening that Joe Appel is “not doing well” and then received confirmation from my brother that he’s dying.¬†Joe Appel was my biological mothers second husband, he’s the father of my little brother Ryan and little sister Amy. For most of my life my last name was Appel, I was adopted by […]

Stupid Valentines Day – All Men Lie

I’ve fallen for that scam they call “love” before on an occasion or two – I hope I’ve learned my lesson and never fall again. Certainly initially the feelings can be overwhelmingly wonderful and everything can appear to be as if the stars have aligned. When that happens you’ve forgotten one very important thing: All […]

Finding a Safe Harbor for Children

Last night on Twitter I saw more than a few tweets asking “is no place¬† safe to leave children with adults alone”. These questions came out in response to the Penn State Scandal where a respected coach was preying on young boys and the firings as a result. The answer to the question of “is […]

Men Behaving Badly – Las Vegas

About eight years ago I was looking into moving to Las Vegas – no snow, lots of opportunities, lots of new housing. During a few of the visits out there I would check out AA meetings (which were pretty good) and modify my online profiles (gay men meet up sites) to let guys know I […]