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Once more into the breach, dear friends!

My friend Jana is fighting Cancer and needs help paying for the very expensive drugs. If you can, please donate to them.

A Cancer Journey & Plea for Aid

Well, we met Dr. Adams this morning, in Jana’s initial consultation for her chemotherapy. $260 just for the office visit, and that was with self-pay and prompt-pay discounts.

We return on Wednesday to undergo our “Chemo Training”, which would appear to be a roughly 1 hour info-dump on the treatment. We do know that immune system will be depressed, hair will be lost, and that Jana will be tired and worn out. The treatment is carbo-platinum-taxol (or something to that effect) and that there are umpteen other possible side effects.  Most dangerous appears do be liver or kidney damage/problems/side effects.

Therefore, they do labs…a lot. Initial labs, labs the day of a treatment cycle, and labs 10 days post-treatment. And they use LabCorps, which means incredibly overpriced. <sigh>   Each cycle is one infusion (IV) which should take 4-6 hours and it will be repeated twice more, at three-week intervals, for…

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